Have you ever wondered what it is that is so appealing about the Hampton’s style of design? Why has it become synonymous with affluence and grandeur? Why is it that even in Brisbane, the ‘Hamptons home’ has become a renowned and lusted-after style of architecture, often requested from luxury home Builders in Brisbane? The answer is surprisingly simple and will be discussed in this article, along with some suggestions on how to apply the ‘Hamptons style’ to the interiors of your own home (check out our previous article on ‘Hamptons style’ exteriors HERE).

What is the appeal of the Hampton’s Style?

Our lives grow increasingly more complex and intricate with available “down time” near extinction. This increasing complexity has also infiltrated the design of the modern home with the distinction between secular, personal and social space blurred in modern design. What was once regarded as a relaxing, social space has now morphed into a quasi-workspace (the home office and home gym are perfect examples). Perhaps it is for this reason that the comfortable yet elegant interiors of the ‘Hamptons style’ homes that draws us. And here lies the answer to the question of the appeal of the ‘Hamptons style’. The answer can be defined by a single word: relaxing.

The Hamptons interior unashamedly announces itself as a relaxed spaced for enjoyment and leisure. Just as the Hamptons has long-served as a release valve for the urban pressures of New York City, the Hampton’s style interior invites the user to take reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The psychological and emotional feel of the Hampton’s style interior is one of comfort, ease and effortlessness.

The Hamptons style defined

The ‘Hamptons style’ is an eclectic design of two seemingly opposing design elements – simplicity and sophistication. This aesthetic is particularly prominent in the interiors where elements of comfort and contrast are prominent. When done correctly, this style can create an inviting, relaxing space in which the occupants feel comfortable and stress-free. But beware when applying this design aesthetic to your own home project. There is a delicate balance between creating a timeless ‘Hampton’s style’ design and a tacky faux-Hampton’s style home. So how do you apply this design to your own home or renovation project in Brisbane?

Employ the services of a professional

The first and perhaps most important advice is to employ the services of a professional builder who specializes in the ‘Hamptons look’. Build Prestige Homes have experience and a beautiful portfolio of classic ‘Hamptons-style’ homes, adapted to the Brisbane environment. They are a great resource for discussing your project and for ensuring your design is coherent and truly emulates the ‘Hamptons look’.

The use of light

An abundance of natural light is important in any home and particularly those which are emulating the ‘Hamptons style’. When designing for your own project, incorporate large areas of glazing to capitalize on available natural light. Consider large windows, sliding doors, and French doors. When window coverings are needed for privacy, select shutters, semi-transparent blinds or linen drapes.

Natural Light in Classic Entry


Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 7.25.39 am


Bliss Home & Design round window


Natural materials

Another prominent feature of the Hamptons interior style is natural materials. Wood and stone floors hint at the early settler influence on the Hamptons design. Textured natural fibers (such as linen and sheers, rattan and wicker) and soft furnishings (such as rugs and soft drapes) are contrasted with more sophisticated surfaces (such as polished stone and dark metals) to create an appealing balance of simplicity and sophistication.



photo 4


A light colour palette

The colour palette of the ‘Hamptons style’ of interior is again influenced by its relaxed, light and breezy design philosophy. The palette typically includes whites, neutrals and naturals but may also feature vaguely nautical shades (such as pale blue and sage green). The light and soft colour palette is often accented with a few dark, contrasting tones. But beware not to become too heavy in the use of contrast or dark tones when applying this to your own project, as this will make your interiors dark and overbearing. If in doubt, seek the advice of the seasoned professionals at Build Prestige Homes.

BuildPrestigeHomes (10)(Source: Build Prestige Homes,

photo 3

Soft, comfy furnishings

When designing a ‘Hampton’s style’ home, the furnishings selected should reinforce the relaxed psychology of the space. They should be warm, welcoming and enjoyable. Loose furniture items such as lounges and chairs should be casual but not cheap, comfortable but not oversized and unrefined. Keep in mind the Hamptons use of contrast. Combine soft, cushioned and upholstered elements with smooth timber features and combine contemporary and traditional elements together.

BPH Blog Post 2 Photo 4(Source:

BPH Blog Post 2 Photo 3




The use of accessories

Within the Hamptons interior, decorative items can be a mix of traditional, classic and contemporary looks. Books, flowers and greenery are an absolute must. Accessories can be layered together to add to the feel of the room as a whole. If you are selecting an eye-catching feature for a room, keep in mind that the ‘Hamptons style’ interior is all about simplicity and sophistication, so keep standout features to a maximum of just one or two per room, to ensure multiple elements are not competing for attention.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.54.59 pm


photo 1

(Source: Vogue)



If you would like further information on Hamptons style interiors or building your Hamptons style dream home in Brisbane, please do not hesitate to contact the team of experienced luxury home builders at Build Prestige Homes. We are a boutique design and construct home building company servicing the greater Brisbane area so contact us if you are looking for a fantastic Brisbane builder.

Written by Anne Smerdon for Build Prestige Homes

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When it comes to design, the style of the Hamptons is unquestionably timeless, elegant and effortlessly sophisticated. Understandably, it is a style that many people want to emulate when designing their own home. However in modern times, the term “Hamptons style” has been used extensively to describe anything from house-and-land packages to shell-clad mirrors from the local $2 shop. So when it comes to designing your own home or enlisting the help of a luxury home builder in Brisbane, how can you be sure you are truly emulating the ‘Hamptons look’ in your own project and, more importantly, adapting the style to ensure it’s area-appropriateness in the Brisbane setting?

The first step should be to enlist the help of an experienced professional that specializes in the ‘Hamptons look’. Build Prestige Homes have first-hand experience in designing and constructing beautiful homes in the ‘Hamptons look’. They have a long-standing portfolio of classic American and Hamptons style homes and are a great resource for discussing your project in more detail.

In the meantime, to help you realise your dream of a truly Hamptons-style home in Brisbane, we have compiled a ‘how-to guide’ for incorporating the Hampton’s design principles into the external elements of your own project (stay tuned for next month when we discuss the ‘how-to guide’ on Hampton style interiors).


Before we begin dissecting the Hamptons design principles, it is important to establish where the style began. The Hamptons are a group of villages in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton on Long Island, New York. They feature some of the most expensive residential properties in the US and have become “synonymous with style, grandeur, leisure and affluence. However, it is not the lure of riches and fame that makes the ‘Hamptons look’ so appealing (well certainly not after the Kardashian’s show ‘Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons ‘ aired in 2014).

The style of the Hamptons architecture is firmly based on underlying principles of good design. And no matter what your budget may be, these principles can be utilized in your own project.


Perhaps the most defining feature of the Hamptons style is contrast. Interestingly, the Hamptons began as a group of unpretentious fishing and farming villages that transformed into holiday-houses for the upper-middle class and morphed into the dramatic contemporary houses of the 20th century. As a result, the Hamptons style can be defined as an eclectic blend of understated features mixed with sophisticated elements and relaxed beach living mixed with classic elegance. It combines formal architectural styles (such as American Colonial, Georgian and the English Manor) with the laid-back ambience of Mediterranean architectural elements. How can you incorporate such a dichotomy of styles in your own project?

  1. Add elements of classic American design into your project, such as gabled roofs with eaves and symmetry (a great resource of external and internal images of traditional Hamptons homes can be found at However, be aware of making your design area-appropriate. To suit the Australian landscape, it would be more appropriate to use weatherboards, metal roofing, or slate look tiles rather than the traditional shingled houses and heavy Dutch Colonial style slate gabled roofs of the Hamptons (for example, the James Hardie “Scyon” cladding could be a suitable alternative).
source: Style - Gabled roofLE-victorian-exterior-other-metro

source: Style – Gabled roofLE-victorian-exterior-other-metro

  1. Combine clean and contemporary elements with rustic, imperfect touches that hint at the early settler utilitarian history of the Hamptons style. This could include combining simple lines with barn-style wood elements, such as shown in Gwyneth Paltrows house below.


  1. Contrast a variety of natural textures, such as stone, brick and timber (such as the modern-rustic Hamptons beach house below)



Originally built as holiday homes, the style of the classic Hamptons house focuses on hardwearing, low-maintenance beachside design. How can you incorporate the relaxed, beachside feel in your own project?

  1. The house elevations should nestle into the landscape, and be in proportion to neighboring buildings.


  1. Window reveals should add depth and texture to the elevations, creating light and shade. This can be achieved with rebated windows, external window shutters and window trims.


THE HAMPTONS STYLE – LIGHT AND BREEZY The beachside location of the Hamptons homes dictates open floor plans and large windows that exploit the views of the fields and the ocean. Thus, a defining feature of the Hamptons style is the light and airy feel of the interiors due to such large openings, French or bi-fold doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. How can you achieve this look in your Classic American-style Brisbane home?

  1. Invest in large windows to allow daylight and breezes to penetrate through the rooms. Windows should be well positioned and well spaced. Consider installing roof lights to maximize the penetration of natural daylight into your space.

source: )

  1. Add French or bi-fold doors to your rooms


  1. Add floor-to-ceiling windows to bring the outside landscape and breezes indoors.



  1. Verandahs and external spaces are a must. Emphasize the relaxed, indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the Hamptons with cosy and inviting outdoor entertaining areas.



The external colour schemes of the Hampton homes are generally whites, neutrals and naturals, to reflect the bright and airy coastal setting. How can you reflect this colour scheme in your own project?

  1. Select colours that are light and coastal – whites, neutral and natural colours are appropriate and will achieve the effortlessly-elegant look. In some instances, window and door trims may be featured with a contrasting colour.


Next month we will discuss how to achieve the ‘Hamptons look’ within the interior spaces of your project. In the meantime, if you would like further information on building your Hamptons-style dream home in Brisbane or general advice from an experienced luxury-home builder in Brisbane, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Build Prestige Homes.

Written by Anne Smerdon for Build Prestige Homes